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Bianca Speedie
Certified Recovery Coach
And Sober Companion

Engaging, Motivating and Empowering You to Make Sustainable, Positive Change

I’m a  trained Certified Recovery Coach specialising in helping people struggling with substance misuse or addiction. Escaping the pull of substances will be one of the hardest things that you ever have to do and having the right support together with a recovery plan that works for you gives you a better chance of achieving long term sobriety.

Most people are unsuccessful because they lack the right long term plan and the support system. Whether you have just left a drug rehabilitation treatment centre, need to get into treatment or have been in recovery for some time, I will support you on your journey to recovery.

Book a free consultation with me, Bianca Speedie, a Certified Recovery Coach and Sober Companion.

Although I am based in London, my services are available across the globe.


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 Sober Companion in London and UK

 Sober Companion in London and UK


Sober Companion in London and UK

 Sober Companion in London and UK




 How I Can Support You

  • Help you transition from rehabilitation into a recovery lifestyle
  • Travel with you to and from treatment anywhere in the world
  • Connect you with support services and direct you to resources 
  • Assist you in making individualised recovery care plans
  • Help you meet short and long term goals
  • Help you identify triggers and strategise a relapse prevention plan
  • Remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery

Book a free consultation with me and take your first steps towards a positive, sustainable lifestyle.


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After about 10 years of knowing I needed to stop drinking...I've finally managed it with Bianca's support and guidance...

After about 10 years of knowing I needed to stop drinking, researching it, trying AA, trying willpower, trying everything I could think of and failing every time I've finally managed it with Bianca's support and guidance. She is so passionate about helping people free themselves from the burden and misery of addiction, she never judges you and never, ever gives up on you. I hesitated to call her wondering what she could do for me that I couldn't do for myself. After all I'm pretty smart and well educated so what would she be bringing to this? But I realised I'd been just as smart and well educated all the years I'd been drinking, trying to stop and failing so I figured it was worth a try. It was definitely worth it! Thank you Bianca for sharing your knowledge, your own experiences, your determination and your humour. Thank you for helping me get back to being myself and someone who can look forward to a sober future xx JB   |   November 2021  |   Midlands, UK

I can’t imagine my recovery journey without Bianca ...

Bianca has been coaching me in my recovery for the past 6 months and I feel truly privileged and grateful that she’s part of my life. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced in helping those with addiction, but she’s one of the kindest, most supportive and compassionate people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and has become like family. I can’t imagine my recovery journey without Bianca and owe so much of my progress and growth to our relationship. She’s been there for me at every step along the way, giving me guidance and unconditional love, and teaching me to finally believe in myself. Thank you so much B! X RR   |   September 2020  |   London, UK

If you need a Recovery Coach who will be by your side, no matter what the circumstances, then you should work with Bianca...

I've know Bianca for over 20 years, and in that time I have seen her fight the depths of addiction, and win. Her strength and resolve are outstanding. Now she is committing her life to helping others live their best life. If you need a Recovery Coach who will be by your side, no matter what the circumstances, then you should work with Bianca. She will give you the structure, plan, motivation and support you need to break out of the cycle of addiction and start living a beautiful life. Matt Drought, CEO Natural Training   |   August 2020  |   Melbourne, Australia



There is no 'one size fits all' in recovery. 

Let's find one that works for you.




Creating An Individualised Recovery Plan To Help You Succeed.

No matter whether this is your first step on your journey or you already have years behind you, my fully Certified and Non-Judgemental Recovery Coach and Sober Companion services are tailored around you - making the process sustainable and achievable, one step at a time.

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About Me

I know how painful it is to be stuck in the cycle of active addiction, because I have been there myself.  Putting down the substances is the first step - staying in  long term recovery is a lifestyle.

I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for several years until I reached a point where I could not continue living the life I was. I wasn't living at all - I was purely existing one day from the next. During my last rock bottom, a moment of clarity came over me giving me the courage to finally get the help I needed.  Asking for professional help to get sober was the best decision I’ve ever made. One day at a time, I live a life of recovery and freedom from active addiction and the obsession to use. I never thought this would be possible. Today I am devoted to helping others break free from the grip of drugs and alcohol.

I’m passionate about empowering and motivating others to make sustainable positive changes.  I support my clients by building a recovery lifestyle that works for them.  I achieve that by being a non-judgemental, empathic and compassionate Recovery Coach and Sober Companion.


International Fully Confidential Recovery Coach Service

I offer face to face services, but also offer online and telephone Recovery Coaching if you would prefer. I am also happy to travel anywhere in the UK or internationally.

For more information, please get in touch with me, Bianca Speedie if you are in need of a certified Recovery Coach or Sober Companion.